Just a story I wanted to share

You guys must know how I feel about animals.. I think I post 50/50 moments of Lexi and Charlie :)

A dear friend of mine was out in her pasture last Friday, her dog was (as she always was) right next to her. She turned to go into the orchard, and Minnie was gone. Minnie is her 13 year old chihuahua mix. Her Christmas sweater wearing, singing when the radio is one, right hand girl. So you can imagine the panic.

Out in the country it isn't all that rare that a hawk or eagle can swoop down and steal a small animal. It's creepy, but it happens, and that's the first thing I thought when she said Minnie had gone missing. She posted on every Facebook group she could find, contacted the local news station, formed a search party.. Minnie was nowhere to be found.

Then a few days later she had posted on Facebook that her father had passed away. Ugh. One blow, 2 blows. Devastating. It's during these times that I feel really selfish for whining about the things I do.

This morning at 1 am she and her husband heard a bark. They opened the door and looked outside.. nothing. So they grabbed flashlights and went outside.. nothing. Her husband went to look for his headlamp, opened the kitchen door and there she was. Minnie was home.

Her father was a dog lover himself. She told us that she had prayed so hard to him that he would guide her home. And there she was. Gives me chills just thinking about it. Her father and her Minnie had found their way home.

Just a feel good story that I wanted to share. I've been going through some things and really needed this. Hope it helps if you're going through something too :)

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