How to handle a baby with a very bad temper

I'm not so sure that a baby can have a temper. But having a 6 month old has taught me that they can definitely get pretty upset. There are days I wonder how on earth that kid can scream so loud.

My only reaction, which is extremely difficult but necessary, is no reaction at all. I swaddle him up, I sit in our glider and I rock him until he's calm. Sometimes it's just for a minute, sometimes it will go on for a good half hour. It's tough. There is nothing simple about it, but it's good practice for when he's a toddler throwing fits.

Be patient with your child, take a break when you need to. If need be, put baby in the crib and walk away until you can handle the matter safely.

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    Kids can be so challenging. It's important to be patient, but you also have to be firm at some point so you don't end up with a spoiled child. Everything in parenting is all about finding the perfect balance.
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