Is your kid "likeable"?

Avery is too little to be real sociable just yet, but I know she'll be there before I know it. I want to help her develop the necessary traits to interact with her peers well.

According to this article, a child's "likeability" can say something about how successful they'll be as an adult. This shouldn't be confused with how POPULAR your child is. Likeability is more about whether or not your child perceived by other kids as someone they like to be around. The reason it's important is because if other kids enjoy spending time with your kid it's usually because they have some good social habits. Good social habits will follow them into adulthood and help them build positive relationships, get/keep a job, and even find a spouse.

The traits that made kids the most likeable were things like letting other people talk without interrupting, playing cooperatively, being gracious, not being overly shy, and being able to earnestly be happy for others.

Well, now I know what to keep in mind as Avery grows up. I think these are great things for any child to learn, really. Especially now that it's summer. There's time to work on this stuff before older kids go back to school in a new grade.

Do you think you child has these traits? If not, which ones do you think you'd work on and how would you do it?…

    My daughter has only 9 month and I can't know if is or not likeable...but I try to make her likeable and sociable , because whenever we meet children in the park or any other place we go, I try to make her interact with other children, I point to her that their is another child and I ask his/her name if is old enough to speak, I let him/her to play with Anastasia toys and I encourage her to let go to her toys for another child to play with. I do this , though I go home and wash those toys because she definitely puts in her mouth all her toys, and I am a little bit scared of the germs.
      This is really interesting. I'm going to pass this article on to my husband as well. We have noticed that Mason doesn't have very many friends - he's very quiet at school and doesn't talk to people... but boy do the other kids talk to him! The kids in Mason's class are always trying to grab his attention and engage him and we always try to encourage him to talk back but he rarely does. I guess he is likeable, even if he has no interest in forming relationships yet.
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