What an afternoon...

So I was doing Avery's daily diaper free time and she pooped on the floor. Then she stepped in it. Then she screamed bloody murder. Apparently it is NOT okay for her to have poop on her feet. The whole time I was cleaning her up she screamed louder and louder. I finally had to take her outside and just hold her for 15 minutes until she relaxed. We did our whole routine when she has an accident but she clung to me like the poo was going to jump up and bite her. It was the weirdest thing I'd ever seen. She doesn't usually poop without giving me a cue first so that's strange too.

That was hours ago but she's still super cranky. She even woke up from her nap all pissed off. Now she's sitting in my lap sucking her fingers and will not move.

I wonder what her deal is today...

    Oh no!! Maybe she is about to hit a new milestone or a growth spurt? I know my kids always get pretty clingy and sometimes downright cranky when they are about to make a jump in development or size.
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