Article: Surviving the Family Road Trip: Simple Tips for Keeping Kids Entertained

We have had a lot of fun on road trips. Oh there are challenges as with anything in parenting but you know what our children remember most? Having FUN! Being with family and really that's all we want them to remember, right?

We used many of the things this article mentioned. I made travel bags for our children and printed coloring pages, got them their own crayons, got a few other "surprises" and the children loved them. We brought books, CDs, some audio stories and we were good to go.

We also made sure when we stopped for potty breaks (we traveled with a potty because long stretches can make pit stops at gas stations or rest stops few and far between....but at potty breaks we made sure to have the children run, play tag, kick a ball or whatever to get exercise and release energy. We always left early in the morning too and most of the children fell asleep again and were tired enough when we stopped for the night.

How does your family survive family road trips?…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    We do about a 5 hour drive every other weekend my boys either sleep or we talk, sing, learn color and count on the way
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