Can a miscarriage ever be misdiagnosed and why

Yes it can be misdiagnosed. I have heard many stories from moms saying their doctor told them they were having a miscarriage and they ended up having a successful pregnancy.

Symptoms of a miscarriage are usually bleeding and cramping. Medical signs can be an under developed fetus, no fetus on an ultrasound, no fetal heartbeat or low hormone levels on blood tests. All of those signs and symptoms can be caused by a miscarriage as well as other medical conditions.

Being wrong on your dates and how far along you are can cause your doctor to assume you are going to have a miscarriage. You may have ovulated later then you normally do.

Sometimes your doctor may not be sure if you have having a miscarriage but they might suspect a miscarriage. Doctor will often recommend coming in two days later for blood work to check your hormone levels or coming in a week or two later for another ultrasound.

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