Could you kill?

I asked the question a few days ago about if people were for or against the death penalty. I was a bit surprised at the answers, that so many were pro death penalty. It made me really think about how we handle death and killing in general as humans. So now I want to ask this question, could you kill?

If I felt like my life or the life of the people I love were in danger I have no doubt that I could. I am quite sure that drive is in me to protect at all costs.

I still have a hard time being for the death penalty though. I am confused about that. Maybe it is because the immediate threat is detained? I could kill but not in revenge?

What about you, could you kill?

    I think in a high stress situation feeling like myself or someone I love is in danger there would be a natural instinct that would kick in and I could. But I hate the thought of doing something like that. I know I would feel overwhelming guilt if I ever had too.
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