I use a fake Christmas tree... What about you?

I normally use fake Christmas trees... Year before last I had a real one, my first ever. Whoa buddy, was I not prepared... First, I got it at a military giveaway that was hosted outdoors in a parking lot. I'm particularly bad at judging sizes, especially outside. Got it home and the top was bent a little because it was taller than my ceiling... WHOOPS! I was trying to get it up before hubby came home, so my neighbor helped me put it up in the stand...And I'm pretty sure she was even shorter than me.

This was after we took her husband's chainsaw to her tree... Hers was even bigger than mine! Apparently neither one of us is good at judging sizes. I hope whoever got the biggest trees had high ceilings, because we both were trying not to be greedy and didn't get the biggest ones by far.

After that, I was looking forward to a pleasant pine smell I'd always heard about with real trees. Let me say, NO. My house had such a strong pine smell I almost couldn't handle it. It was making me feel sick...and I'm the type to burn a ton of strong smelling candles... The tree was downstairs and I would stay upstairs with a door shut, keep the windows open, anything to make it stop, lol. Maybe because it was big? I donno, but it was overwhelming.

Then... the cleanup! I did not expect to have a floor full of dry pine needles. I don't know why... I guess I just thought a few would fall off, but man oh man, there were TONS.

The whole time I was worried about the lights catching it on fire too, since I heard that could happen.

I'm still glad I got it though, because I got hubby a Cold Steel usable claymore (sword for those who don't know.... the thing can cut through a car hood and be fine. A CAR HOOD. I feel safe, hahahaha) for that Christmas and he turned the big ol' tree into kindling when we were done. Was happy to see him put his new present to use, all smiles and stuff. :)

But... I think I'm going to stick with fake trees. They work better for me, and I don't think I appreciated the real tree like some people do. I'd rather not spend the money and make some Christmas candy instead! Ya with me this year, Christina?

I got a pre-lit black Christmas tree at a yardsale that I want to put up this year... I think it'll be a cool color for a nerd tree and then I can use it at Halloween too! Whoo!!

Do you use a real or a fake Christmas tree?
If you use a fake one.. what's it look like? Frosty? Weird colored? Traditional green?

And... what do you decorate yours with? Do you theme it or use everything?? I've been using everything, but I think I'd like to try a themed tree at some point!

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      I love getting a real tree, I grew up with a fake tree, having to set that up every year, I like getting the real thing. Our theme color last year was red and green. Not sure about this year coming though.
        We have a fake tree as well. We all have pretty bad allergies and a real tree sets them off. Plus it is just easier and less messy.
          My husband and I just moved into our first apartment so we haven't had Christmas on our own yet :3
            Ive always has real trees but after my second child there were zoo many Christmas Tree fires that ii switched to fake due to fear of fires
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                I have always had a fake tree. Never a real one. I don't think my allergies could handle that. I love my fake tree. Used to put one up in several of the rooms of the house. Christmas is my favorite time of year, all the Christmas lights and colors, just a happy time for me.
                I have used multiple colors on my tree. I have had a tree with all blue before. Very pretty. Currently my tree is a hodge podge of everything . Glass ornaments , plastic ornaments, every color, and then there are the handmade ones that my daughter Cassaundra Owens did as a child. I have hand painted ceramic ones, handmade beaded ones, sewn ones, one she bought me on a school trip -a gingerbread man...I LOVE them all, and that is what makes my tree special!!
                I agree, let's start.. We have to make test batches, yknow, just to make sure they'll be good enough at Christmas. Of couse that means we'll need to eat them... Want to try to make some of these gemstone chocolates?

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