Halloween ghost crafts for preschool kids!

I think crafts were one of my favorite things to do as a child... Put my hands in some paint or clay or any other craft and I was one happy camper. Halloween especially is a fun time to do themed crafts at preschool age... Of course there are pumpkin crafts, witches, black cats, Frankensteins, and vampires.... But the time honored GHOST is so simple yet versatile that you can use all sorts of media to entertain your preschooler.

One I loved to do with my mom when I was a kid... those stuffed ghosts and pumpkins used to decorate trees outside. It was just like a piece of plastic like a bag where you stuff tissue inside then tie it off with a twisty tie. I always got excited for those because I felt like I was helping my mother and having fun simultaneously.

Another thing... for some reason black paper always seemed WAY cooler than white paper, maybe because it was a special not-all-the-time sort of thing... So, how about just drawing ghosts on black paper with white crayons? Or, better yet, white pastels? I felt so grown up and artistic (if a little messy) when I got to use the pastels instead of crayons. Or even white finger paint!

Homemade dough.. Double duty here. Have fun with your toddler making the dough and learning basic chemistry, then getting to enjoy it after! Salt dough... moon dough, I think it's called, made with flour...Or that moldable gloop.. All sorts of homemade textures that are nontoxic and fun. Let your ghosts dry and paint 'em!

How about.... let your kids draw ghost faces on some white fabric and you can cut them out... crafts and a costume all in one!

You can make ghosts out of a tissue tied around a Tootsie pop with a face drawn on it. You can use them as candy to give out and maybe eat one too.

How about candies to make ghosts on some cupcakes? Or cookies? Playing with icing is a fun thing as a preschooler. Heck, it's a fun thing as an adult!

Marshmallow ghosts?

That's a lot of sugar lol... How would you make a ghost out of fruit or veggies?

White sock ghost sock puppets? Put on a show!

Make up a ghost story with your preschooler.. Don't get too scared!

I dig ghost projects a lot, haha! Maybe that's why my mom always called me Casper?!

I'm gonna quit hogging this post now and turn it over to you ladies....

What are YOUR favorite Halloween ghost crafts for preschoolers, mamas?

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    We don't celebrate Halloween either but I've seen lots of cute ideas for crafts and baking. We do a lot of fall stuff though.
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