Birthday smash cake ideas for baby

Baby smash cakes are so adorable... a first birthday tradition.

When I have a lil munchkin I want to do something kinda silly, if I remember it.

I wanna paint (with food coloring or icing... something edible) his or her lil arms in green, like the Hulk. I think it'll make for cute, or at least ridiculous and memorable, smash cake pictures.

Other ideas... have a cake that looks like a house, especially if you know someone who does cake decorations so you can get it for cheap. Set up a background or do it outside... Then do an angled shot so baby looks like an angry giant, lol.

I think having multicolored frosting.. maybe some inside too... would make for cool, varied pics.

Oh my gosh, or a rainbow cake! Have you guys seen those things?! I want to make one, but always forget about it... The kind where each layer is a neon shade and you do it in order of the rainbow. It looks so cool inside! I've seen people do it in neat layers and also just pouring on top of one another... You can even swirl it with a toothpick to make tie-dye type cake. I think that would be just adorable, colors flying everywhere.

When I think of smash cakes I think of a pic that's been floating around the net for a while... It's a little baby who I assume just got done smashing a cake whose arms and face are just covered in bright blue.... found it!

I'm a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fanatic and another cake idea I adore is baby wearing some Wonderland stuff... a small Alice if it's a girl.. Or bunny ears.. A top hat preferably. Top hats are adorable... especially on babies. Then. A teacup cake! Maybe surround it with tea set stuff for the pics... and have the tea cup cake look a little cracked or distorted. Or topsy turvy to go with the strangeness of Wonderland!! Then... let baby smash the “cup”cake.

I also like giant normal cake size “cupcakes”...

Oh, what if you dressed baby like a fairy or a gnome and gave them a giant cupcake?

Ahh, now I have so many ideas! I need to find a friend whose kid has a birthday coming up now and get my mama to let me use her new cake pans!

Did/will you do a smash cake?
If so, what kind?
Did you get cute pictures?!

Birthday smash cake ideas for baby
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    I'm gonna be making a home made smash cake for my daughter's birthday.
      So cute but oh so messy! Haha!
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