Where to find cheap children's books

One of the only things better than a good book is a good, wallet-friendly book.

Luckily, books are just as good no matter what price you pay for them, so if you get them cheap or free and in good condition, more power to you! Some of my favorite books have been cheap or free. My husband and I have already started collecting books for our future children, since reading is such a big part of our lives... We once said we'd build a library and sleep in it before we bought a house. :P

The same thing that applies to finding cheap books for teens or adults applies to finding cheap children's books.

One biggie.... yardsales, garage sales, and flea markets! Just take a trip one sunny weekend around the neighborhoods of your town and you're sure to find all sorts of baby stuff for sale super, super cheap. From clothes to accessories to great books! Lots of parents sell their baby books when their kids have gotten a bit too old for them to make room and money to add new ones, so you're bound to get a great buy... Plus, if you buy a lot or all of them, a lot of yardsalers will give you a discount, just ask! Better to make some money and not have to lug them back inside than to get full price out of 'em. I once got a whole bag full of books for only a dollar... and both the seller and myself walked away quite happy!

Aside from people just seling their stuff at their house, check for community yardsales like those hosted by churches and clubs.

Goodwill! Most Goodwills have a book section that has lots of books for children for cheap.

Your local library... Not only do they have their free selection to borrow, but many libraries host an annual book sale, and many host the occassional book giveaway.

Kindle! (and I imagine Nook too) Kindle has all sorts of classics for free, and offers authors the ability to share their books for free 2-3 days a year. Lots of websites keep track of which are free at what time... Just keep checking back. I also recently posted a list of free (legal) books for children and adults here on Moms.com... Here's the link:

You can also check Ebay... A lot of people will sell things like this in lots, so you can get a boodle for cheap. Don't let shipping dissuade you either. I've noticed a lot of people are offering free shipping with their items anymore.

And half.com. I don't personally use this one, but have been meaning to check it out. I know my dad gets all sorts of books here for crazy cheap... Just a matter of searching and, I imagine, coming back intermittently.

Second hand book stores too.. I found a bunch of books for my future children when I was pregnant at a store called Book Off. I donno if it's a chain, but it seemed like it could be. Then... you can trade your own books back in and get credit. Most places have something like this (even a small town like where I am now has one within an hour) if you search! You may have to ask around to find the best one.

What about you?

How do you find cheap children's books?

What about cheap books for you?

Moms Expertise
    yes, thank you. I've gone into Goodwill forbooks. Andyou wouldn't believe some of the books I've found for Caz, Daddy and myself there. They average $1-$3 so great andsome look new. There's alsoHalf Prices Books that is a chain.you can sell book to them and buy some and tgeyre half original price.
    If you're looking for a specific book the staff is so nice and they'll share with you ifanother location has a copy andcan even have itsent over for you.
      Awesome tips. We have had great success at the library. They always have lots of great options, and the prices are usually incredibly cheap!
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