5am reflections.

So.... As a site hostess I'm always on the look out for articles and tidbits that will engage my fellow hostesses and members. I look for ways to encourage you not only as mothers but as human beings. I think sometimes we forget that we're both. It's 5am. It's Friday morning. And I am a hypocrite.

As a fellow mother I tell you that we all just need to do our best, what's best for our own family. But in my next post I'll refer you to an article written by someone just like the rest of us that's telling you that you've been doing everything wrong.

You haven't.

My son is formula fed. And it took many painful nights to reassure myself that breastfeeding is not the end all be all of motherhood. One mountain down.

I don't feed my baby store bought baby food. Preservatives scare me. But I just confessed to you yesterday that I downed a container of ice cream in 36 hours.

I want what's best for my child but I will sometimes not lead by example, it's that whole human being thing. I will quote complete strangers who attempt to sound like a professional on a blog that no one will ever hear of. When really they're probably just like me. Up at 5am knowing we should sleep because the baby is finally asleep.

Yes, you should recycle more because this planet is getting worse and worse and it's not okay to feed our kids home made food in a city so engulfed in smog that they have to Google image a blue sky.

Yes. You should work. So your child is on the right side of the desk at the unemployment office.

Yes, it's okay that your fat. As long as you know that you can't blame someone else.

It's okay if your kid is average. It's okay if they aren't in the gifted class. Many of the most awesome people in history were sitting at the "normal" table.

It's okay that at 3 months old your kid isn't walking on his own. Or reading a book at one year.

It's okay that you don't fit into pre pregnancy clothes. You don't need to make excuses. And if the man in your life is bummed that you don't look or feel the same, you picked the wrong man. That won't change no matter how much weight you lose. Go play with your kid.

You're doing it right. Make stupid faces in the rear view. Buy pants with extra pockets to hold whatever will make your kid happy.

But for God's sake get that world off your shoulders for a minute. As much as we'd like to think we're in control, we're not.

It's Friday mamas. Go play. <3

    *claps enthusiastically* well said mama!!!
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