Issues you encounter when trying for a second baby

I think our biggest issue when trying for a second baby was finding the time and energy to try!! Since you already have one child, there is a lot more going on in you and your partner's life than there was the first time you tried for a baby. You now have a child to care for, and a child to get to sleep before you can even think about trying for a second baby!

Moms of more than one - what was the biggest challenge for you? Moms of one child, do you want a second? If this isn't a too personal question - why haven't you started trying yet?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
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    I'm glad you were successful eventually!
      We definitely want a second child. I'm a little nervous about trying again because of the losses we experienced the first time. We did find a very successful treatment that allowed me to carry my daughter to Term. It should work again next time, but I still worry.

      I want to wait to start trying for a few reasons. One, I want to have a good year or so where I'm not nursing or pregnant so I can just enjoy our little family. Two, I'm testing for my 5th degree black belt next June and I don't want to be pregnant during training. Three, I want to give Avery her "baby time" if that makes any sense. I want her to get her time to be little before I make her a big sister. I want the same for all my kids.
        8Theresa Gould
        Our issue was fear of another loss. We didn't have any issue conceiving and having our first child but we lost our second.
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