I got my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes done on Wednesday and my blood sugar was too high. :( They said they don't like to see it past 140. Mine was 158. The drink was so nasty! I got fruit punch flavor. So now I have to go back Tuesday and sit in there for 3 hours and drink THREE nasty drinks and get blood drawn. UGH! I've heard of a lot of people not passing the first one, though.

    I've heard many people don't pass the first one as well. Bummer that you have to do the 3 hour test, but chances are you will pass - bring a good book!

    I'm hypoglycemic so I've always hated the glucose test - twice I've passed out as my sugar crashed, and the third time (with Hayden) I came prepared with a snickers bar and ate it as they were drawing my blood.
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        I failed the first too. When I went in for the 3 hour test my fasting sugar was too high so they wouldn't let me drink it. They started treating me for gestational diabetes. Whatever the outcome it's really not that bad hon. I just had to really watch what I ate, and I had a lot more doc appointments because they were monitoring me pretty heavily. But really I didn't mind.. it meant that I got more ultrasounds, too! Let us know how it goes :)
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