Think this works with those two

So i think i figured out something that will work on haiden and logan for sharing and beig nice to each other for play.
When they are arguing and fighting over a toy i ignore them first to see if it will be resloved on its own. If 10mins go by and no progress or compromise is made than i give a warning. If this arguing over toy continues after warning i will ask them to clean it up and sit down away from each other for 10mins. After that 10mins is up i will ask them to try again with sharing and compromising on who gets what. If another argument occurs i wait for 5mins and see if they can do it on their own. If not i warn them that i will remove those toys for the rest of the day and they need to go do something else.
It seems to be working, plus it will help logan with the mine stage and also no matter what they both get a consequnce for not sharing or compromising with a toy and that both boys ideas can work together.
I also have an issue with when asked for them to do something one of them will say the other is not so why should i thing. With this and haiden being old enough to understand more. I told them they are two different kids and are not attached so if one is not doing what is asked the other should do it as the one who does it gets a good reward instead of trouble. Now wouldnt u want a good reward or want trouble or timeout. Haiden said he wanted a good reward instead of trouble or timeout and that if logan is not cleaning up then he will clean up while logsn gets a time out.
I also have not been giving into them. When i say no or see not good behavior its 1 warning and continue a consequnce is next.
Only hard time i have is not trying to lose my cool but remain calm. I need to realize that if i am dealing with them
Cuz i am mad its only a battle as they get mad and ends no where but screaming.

    I think that's a great approach. Hopefully you will have to intervene less and less and they will start working things out on their own!
      8Theresa Gould
      Sound like a great way to deal with it!
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