Anyone ready any good books lately? I am currently readying Battlefield of the Mind. By Joyce Meyer.

It's a great book for Depression, for Spiritual reasons, encouraging etc...

    I'm doing my summer reading - each summer I pick a series of SUPER easy to read books so that I can get through them quickly even with the very limited amount of time I have. This summer, I'm reading the Overlander series by Suzanne Collins. She is the author of The Hunger Games, but the Overlander series is geared at a much younger audience. They are quick and easy and fun and I'm enjoying reading them :)
    Melissa it's wonderful such helpful everyday information. =)
      I'm reading a book called the Island. It's about a woman who travels to her mother's home town in Plaka Greece. Her mother never shared anything about her childhood but had now told her daughter to go visit an old friend to learn all about her family's history. Off the cost of Plaka is an island that used to be a leper colony but was abandoned when the cure for leprosy was discovered. The main character is learning all sorts of cool family secrets that are beginning to tie in with the mysterious leper island.

      It's really cool and addicting :)
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