Kado Born (repeat)

Just wanted to share this again

Kado was due on December 9th. I started having contractions in OCTOBER. was 3 cm dilated. but drs refused to keep me. i have several more false alarms so i decided i would not go to the hospital until my water broke. November 15. i woke up feeling uncomfortable. like kado had his foot in my lung and wouldnt budge. once i got home. i was getting more and more uncomfortable so i got in the bathtub. i felt like i was on fire. my parents had left to some convention an hour away. i texted my dad telling him i felt like i was in labor. and he said i just needed to take a nap because i was stressed. i mentally rolled my eyes. i felt the need to push! so i called the ambulance. they said "This is probably just a False alarm. You know this isnt a make your pain go away machine?" I wanted to punch him in the face. they made me get in the ambulance in only my towel. no phone or identification leaving my bf behind. i was a nervous wreck.
Kado Roy Todd was born November 15, 2012 at 8:56pm. He weighed 6lbs 5oz. I was 36weeks and 4 days pregnant. From the time i got to the hospital to the time i had him was only an 30min. my water NEVER broke. I pushed at 4times and he was born in less than 2min. As soon as he came out. He peed everywhere. Lol. The doctor said "yup hes a boy. Hes peeing"

    As if they didn't give the chance to get clothes on and how rude that is to even say something... It seems like you would know whats feels okay or not after carrying the baby for so long! Glad everything ended well though :)
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          8Theresa Gould
          That is an amazing birth story. I would think that they'd at least "humor" you but I'll never understand rude EMTs or medical staff. They have A LOT to lose by not being patient oriented.
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