Troubled Kid

Any thoughts out there!?
I have a step son who is a very troubling child. He recently moved in with us and is making the mom life a little more difficult than expected.

Anger issues... is he in any type of counseling?

And even if it was for his own good, being sent to live with one parent after living with the other has GOT to be difficult on him. Like, majorly difficult to process. It would be odd if he wasn't acting out. He has to learn all new rules and probably has a lot of uncertainty right now. He's also 8, which means not even close to being mature so acting out makes sense.

What I would do with a kid like that is try to make as many "yesses" in his life as possible to help build his self esteem and give him a good place to function from. You want to play video games? Sure! First we need to finish breakfast and make our beds. How about after that we play a video game together? Things like that, put as much positive energy into his environment as you can while still having expectations.
    I would try your best to be patient, but firm and consistent. It sounds like there have been a lot of changes in his life, and more to come. He'll need some time and space to adjust and learn what is expected in your house. Be sure you don't leave room for question, but also give him some space to figure it out and know that he will probably test the boundaries some.
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