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I'm a first time mom and was concerned my baby sleeps to much. He is 12 weeks old and at the very most he is only awake for an hour and a half, usually its much less (during the day). When I hear about other babies they seem to be awake for longer periods. I try to wake him up after 2 hours of sleep during the day. And try to feed him every 3 hours, even then he only wants to breast feed for a short time. He is very fussy at the breast. It can be very hard to burp him, I try different positions. He is very gassy. Gas drops/ gripe doesn't seem to help to much. My doctor said it's prob not anything in my diet and it should go away on it's own. What were your experiences with a gassy baby? I just started to do leg exercises. His poop is really running. But I know that can be common for breast milk babies. Sorry for all the questions!

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        It sounds pretty normal to me. I breastfed and Avery's poops were runny and yellow until we started giving her a substantial amount of solid foods around 5-6 months. Baby's sleep a lot. Don't ever compare to other people's kids. You could just be catching their baby at an alert time or your child is just different. It's totally ok. Avery seemed to be very gassy for a while too. It sounds like your doing a good job taking care of it. Babies are a lot gassier then you think :)
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          If your doctor isn't too concerned about it right now then I wouldn't be, especially if he is meeting his milestones. If you are still concerned at his next appointment, then mention it again to your doctor. Always listen to your gut.
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