Whooping couch epidemic

Has the whooping couch epidemic caused you to change your mind about vacciations? (those who don't vaccinate)

    This was one of my reasons to vaccinate too! We heard a story on the news about a newborn (too young to vaccinate yet, though they planned to) who contracted whooping cough from touching her older sister. The older sister was vaccinated but had come into contact with the virus at school and carried it home. Most likely she got it from an vaccinated kid who hadn't shown symptoms at the time, but a few days later missed school for having Whooping Cough.

    The newborn had to be hospitalized for almost a month and nearly died. If that child had been vaccinated the wouldn't have been able to bring whooping cough to the school int he first place and everyone would have been fine. I would hate to think that my child could get someone else so sick, which is why we vaccinate.
      8Theresa Gould
      No. If i remember correctly I had whooping cough as a child and I am one of the most healthy people in my entire family (mom and sisters included).
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