Does this sound odd

yesterday while in the hospital the doctor had a urine culture and it came back with a higher white blood count... They told me they were doing another screening and in the mean time to take macrodbid until the results were in and that if I didn't have an infection I could stop taking it. If they are unsure if I have an infections I'm not sure why I would be taking meds for nothing.

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    Okay, I'm always so paranoid with medications
      8Theresa Gould
      Great question. You can always call them back and ask them. That is your legal right to ask questions and voice any concerns you have.
        I agree with everyone. You definitely have a right to call back and ask, but most likely they'll tell you to take it anyway. White blood cell counts only raise if you have an infection or some other disorder. The medicine will help fight whatever it is while they figure out what's wrong. If you wait the infection ends up being a bad one the early treatment could make a big difference.
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