High FIVE!!

High FIVE!!! Happy, happy bday to our sweet "baby", who turns 5 today. I am borrowing these words from the Momastery blog about her third child: "Then you look down at [him]…your third… and you think: what’s so different about you? But before you’ve even finished asking the question, you know the answer. And your heart says to [his] - Oh. You’re not different than the other two...I’m different. I am learning how to love without so much fear. How to relax a bit, in this brutiful world. How to let go and trust. You are helping me breathe easier, you three. One at a time, and together."

    8Theresa Gould
    Great quote and happy birthday to your baby boy, who's not so little any more. Neither is mine and I still call him my baby boy. He'll be 4 this summer.
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