Sitting here thinking.

I had a miscarriage the being of this month. I was 16 weeks and it broke my heart. Is it to soon for me to try again?

4KristyPikeville, Kentucky
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    I will call my doctor Monday. Thank you
      8Theresa Gould
      I'm sorry for your loss Kristy. I think it's up to you and your husband but definitely check with your doctor. I had an 18 week loss and got pregnant fairly quickly afterwards and miscarried again at 12-13 weeks. :( There's always that risk, just so you know.
        I'm so sorry for your loss Kristy. After my first miscarriage I wanted to try again as soon as possible just because I wanted to move past the pain. I waited until I had a normal period before trying again. I ended up miscarrying again though it was because of a hormonal issue, not timing. After we figured that out I waited for a normal period again and then we tried. I got pregnant right away and now I have my gorgeous baby girl.

        I miscarried both times very early though (6 and 8 weeks), so my doctor wasn't too concered about waiting a long time. I think after a second trimester loss you may want to give your body some more time.
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