Enough Love for Two?

So last night Avery was asleep and we were watching TV. Out of the blue my husband asks, "Do you ever worry about being able to love another Kid as much as we love Avery?". It kind of took me by surprise! I was touched to hear that my husband thinks about these things. I forget that deep down he can be kind of sensitive :)

Anyway, my first reaction was of course we'd be able to love another. People do it all the time! We both have siblings and we know our parents love us the same as our brother/sister. But the more we talked I realized it really is hard to imagine loving anyone as much as I love Avery. In my head I know when I hold our next baby in my arms I'll love him/her with all my heart, but it's really hard to imagine it now.

For those of you with two kids, what did it feel like to see the second little one for the first time? Was it different then your first, How so? Did you look at your older child differently at all?

    When I was pregnant, all of my mom friends said "You will love that kid more than you ever thought possible. Imagine how much you love what you love the most in life.. then magnify it."

    I always thought.. well of course I'll love him. Duh.

    They were so right. I can't even put into words how much I love this little guy. So I have no idea how I could love anyone else even the same amount.. I don't even know how much that is! Sigh... So I can't help you there because I only have one kid.. But I know what you mean :)
      8Theresa Gould
      Yep, we felt and asked ourselves the same question. It was different. My second was actually a rainbow baby and it was different because of that. I just saw our oldest as bigger and older.
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