One year old weight: A wide range of Normal

Avery was 17lbs 6oz at her 12month check up. She's only in about the 15th percentile, but she's always been that way. Because she stayed on the same percentile for her entire life, the doctor wasn't worried. She's growing the way she should.

According to the WHO growth charts 50th percentile for 12 month old girls is about 20lbs. For boys it's about 21lbs. The "normal" range (between 25th and 75th percentiles) is about 19-23lbs for both. The truth is what's normal for your child is much more important then what percentile they're in. Percentiles just say how they compare to everyone else. You wouldn't want your child to start out in the 25th percentile and suddenly jump to the 50th because that wouldn't be normal for them.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I only had a few who didn't hit 20 lbs at a year and they are the ones who are on the smaller, shorter side.
      Nina didn't have a percentile at her one year check-up, which was really funny to see her doctor measure and re-measure and weigh and re-weigh Nina. She wasn't even on the chart, since she weighed about 34 pounds, if I remember correctly, but she was really long, too. I've said before, at 12 months she was in 24/18 month clothes, and now at 14 months she's in 3-4T.
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