"No gifts, please!"

So.. I never know what to do about this request. I know that there are sometimes, if I'm having friends over for dinner or a bbq or something that I tell them PLEASE don't bring anything. The reason behind it is that I don't want to do extra dishes, I don't want to deal with extra leftovers.. remembering whose dish is what, etc. So I'm not trying to be nice.. I really don't want them to bring anything!

We're going to a friends 60th birthday on Sunday. They didn't do invitations, they just did a facebook event because it's a surprise party. It clearly says "No gifts, please!"

So.. I want to listen to that. But I also feel like a heel if I just come over with my bf and kid and don't bring anything at all.

When something says "No gifts, please!" Do you listen? Or do you bring something anyway?

    8Theresa Gould
    I'm not sure we've encountered that too much so I'm not sure what I'd do....probably honor it knowing me.
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