Rough morning!

This morning started out ok...wasn't feeling well but I was getting used to that. Then after playing with Tristen I got REALLY sick. I called the doctor and the nurse was like "get in here now!" My Mom came and got me and took me in and apparently I went into shock. I got super hot like having a hot flash and my temp dropped to 96...I don't remeber much of it. Needless to say the IUD is now no longer a part of my life thank God! They said I do have an infection but not what the other doctor told me I had. My body was trying to get rid of the IUD and that is why the last month has been so hard. Ten minutes after they removed it I felt SO much better! My brain isn't as fuzzy and I don't have that odd pain and cramping that I was. I can stand up straight again! So glad that thing is gone...hopefully the rest of the day will be better :-)

    8Theresa Gould
    Wow, what a reaction to have. I'm glad you feel better!
      It has definitely not been fun. I'm glad it is out though and I can get better :-) thankfully it's almost the weekend...hopefully the boy will let me sleep in tmr :-)
        I would never recommend the iud to anyone after my experience. It's amazing how much better I feel just since getting it out. Almost completely better within an hour. I still have some symptoms from the infection but it's not bad. Now I just need to finish my antibiotics and get some rest (not that I do that well...I just finished cleaning the house lol) then the doc said to give my body a break and she will refer me to get my tubes tied...actually it will be the coil thing because it's less invasive and like a 30 minute appointment instead of having surgery. But I'm going to give it a while before I go messing with anything else.
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