Symptoms of pregnancy: nausea

Nausea is one of those symptoms that some women experience all throughout, and some not at all (lucky!)

I had morning sickness throughout my whole pregnancy. It came and went though. There would be a whole week that I had no symptoms, then 3 weeks straight that I could barely keep anything down.

Peppermint water was my friend. I would get those starlight mints, dissolve one in water and sip on it throughout the day. Some peppermint teas were too strong or not strong enough. The sugar and mint seemed to help me. Also staying with bland foods was a help at times, but nothing seemed to really get rid of it.

When I asked my doc, he said it was a good thing (oh really...) yep! He said things like morning sickness let him know that the baby is in there cookin away and things are working right.

It stinks though, it's not the best thing ever but it IS normal. Just have to experiment and find what works for you :)

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