JROTC and your child?

How would you feel if your child wanted to join JROTC?

Mini got her schedule for next year in the mail and she is saying she wants to drop a class and go into JROTC instead. She has talked on and off about doing it for a long time, I guess she is wanting to take the plunge now. I am 100% okay with this, at this age she should be exploring possible career options.

I just KNOW that my family is going to flip though. I'm going to hear a lot of "Do you REALLY want her to join the service?" and my answer will be I want what makes her happy. I just don't want them having the same attitude with her, it sucks when your family isn't supportive.

Keep in mind, lots of people in my family are military or civil service. But only one other female in our family is/was military (she is reserves now).

So, what would your reaction be to your son or daughter wanting to be in JROTC?

Understandable. I was a sophomore in high school and I had debated joining the air force for a few years by then. My uncle always told me "If you're going to go military, go Air Force. They have the best benefits, the least risk, and it's just generally overall better." and I trusted him on it, since he's been enlisted for so very long (he's going for the retirement bit, and he's really close to it). I decided against signing up when I started going out with Trevor, though.
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