Too Cute to Handle.

I heard a crash from miss Nina's room, while I was talking to someone on Facebook. There was no crying, no whining, no sound other than the crash that something had gone wrong.

I go to investigate...
Hurricane Nina struck that bedroom.
Toys everywhere. Blankets pulled out of the closet and draped over everything. Her TV was stuck on the blue screen that signals "The Movie Has Ended"...except the VCR is gone.

That was the source of the crash. Nina tried to bring it onto her bed, for some reason, and had dropped it. Luckily it was made forever ago, and like everything made at that time, it's durable as ****. Cords are everywhere, the Tape has been taken out and is in one hand, and also partially in her mouth. Her other hand has taken the Red/White/Yellow plug-in thingy and is waving it around like she's a lion tamer and that's her handy dandy whip.

I step into the room, and the moment I do her Nina Senses tingle or something, because she wasn't facing me and I had ninja-stepped into the room but she whipped around and jumped as soon as she saw me. Instantly she drops everything that I know she knows she isn't to touch. She sits up straight, looks at me with those gorgeous blue-green-grey eyes, and just goes...."Aaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy......guck...." very softly and like she hadn't just been attempting to sabotage the VCR.


    8Theresa Gould
    Oh my! Love the Hurricane Nina!
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