Baby Beach Essentials!

Okay Mamas.. so we will be heading to the beach soon.. I need help getting essentials and just tips in general about a baby at thee beach! What works, what doesn't.. any and all advice pleaseeee :)

    Well, we recently went and you must must must protect baby's skin!! Little Mr. Monroe looks like he's pretty fair skinned and needs to be shaded and sun screened! Lucas wore a hat haha. We brought him a little juice to keep him hydrated because milk in hot weather is gross. (But he is older than your little one.) We brought toys to play with too and swimmers for him to wear on his bum. :)
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        One thing I did with my kids when they were babies was had a big beach blanket that was easy to shake sand off of. That way they had an area to play in that wasn't just sand.

        And don't forget sand toys!

        Sunscreen and rash guard (my kids need a rash guard apparently) were big ones too.

        An umbrella or some way to shade yourself if you will be on the beach for awhile. Direct sunlight for long periods of time can dehydrate little ones.

        Lots of snacks and drinks.

        A camera!
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