Ever had one of those I KNEW IT MOMENTS?

I'm determined to potty train my son who's had no interest previously. I've had him totally naked all day so far (since he woke up 7am)...... I've placed him on his potty and reminded him what its for. I showed him his pull ups while pointing to his potty and told him "Its time to go pee pee and poo poo in your toilet" then told him "No more going in your diapers" I have a ziplock bag of animal crackers nearby and told him as soon as he goes in his toilet he gets a cracker.
I've been asking him if he needs to go and reminding him where to go......

So I just now had go myself and I announced it to let him know I'm going in ours and as soon as began "I thought to myself watch him go while Im in the restroom" and yes, he had a lil accident on the tiles not even 2 feet from his little toilet. I KNEW IT LOL!

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