Would you allow your teen to make their own medical decisions?

At what age should a child be able to make their own medical decisions. For example, if your uncircumsized son wanted to be circumsized? Or your child who hasn't been immunized wanted to be? What about things like birth control?

    First off: Birth Control. I, for once, agree with my mom's general philosophy on this one. She knows, as I do, that you cannot control every moment of your kid's life, especially in the teen years. From the moment she met Trevor when I was sixteen, she asked if I wanted to go on birth control. I told her no, because we were waiting until I and he were 18 to have sex (which we did. I started BC on my birthday)...If Nina approaches me at 16 with a boy that she has been with for a decent amount of time (and who I approve of), and asks me about birth control, I'd probably tell her about it and ask her if she would like to take it. It really depends on how responsible she is. I would, however, make her have a job to pay for it. I know how expensive it can be, even with insurance.

    Circumcision? As far as Trevor's ever said, he wants our son to be, so I wouldn't really have to worry about that one. If I -did-, I would tell them to wait until they were 16 to decide.

    Immunizations? We always immunize and always will, so that one's a no-brainer.
      Hmm... I've just never ever thought that I wanted to make my own decisions back when I was a teenager. If it was time for my annual physical, my mom told me, and we went. If it was time for shots, I got them. I was never on birth control until I was in my 20's.

      Hmm.. No. I think kids are influenced too easily by things. I wouldn't let Charlie make decisions about life threatening things like immunizations. He's getting those no matter what.

      Birth control. Hmm.. Once he's sexually active he will have access to condoms and lots of education about the matter.
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