How do you react?

The other day someone asked what we were afraid of. Most of the answers were snakes, bugs, etc.

I don't like spiders. At all. Daddy Long Legs are allowed to hang out up in the corners because they eat so many bugs, but once they start exploring away from corners, it's time to be relocated. Other that that, spiders are a big no no around me and if I see them I immediately call for Ed and try to get the words out... usually it sounds like "rightthere!getitblechgrossssss!!"

Snakes creep me out. But living out in the country they are vital. Bull snakes eat rattle snakes, gophers and other pests. So as much as I don't like them, they are a big part of keeping this place safe.

Today I was on the 4 wheeler with Charlie taking the mower out to the front to finally start hacking it down. Grass was already taller than the mower, I couldn't believe it! Anyway, as I'm going up to the front pasture, this dang snake crosses in front of me. It was just a garter, but still. I'm working on not being too scared of things because I don't want Charlie having irrational fears like I do.

So my breath caught in my throat and I cursed a bit under my breath and my toes got scared like they always do (I think maybe that's a fight or flight thing).

Now, when Charlie is not with me , my arms flight up in the air, my feet get scared and I let out a weird yell/holler/NONONONO noise. I'm sure it's quite entertaining to everyone around me.

How do you react when you see those things that freak you out?

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