Logan!! Any one want him for a day

So i know i complain a lot with my two older boys but my god. If its not one thing its another with those two.
I took vince to walk in clinic this morning and i had to take older two with me as husband is at work. And i had everything planned out on how i would have them behave. And a went well until haidens play iphone(an old one we put games on for him). Logan drew on paper. Haiden had attitude cuz his phone was almost dead and he had no paper to draw on. I told him sorry but he could of when in waiting room. Dr came in and dignoses vince with yeast infection(out suspions were right) and gave us a prescription oitment to use for 1 week.
For well behaved i took kids to park for 15mins and thought get energy out while we wait for daddy's lunch break instead of wait in hot car in parking lot. Got to park told the two older boys to run to playground i will be 2mins behind. Change vince, put his oitment on, and threw diaper away. Walk toward playground where a man was sleeping on bleachers. Had me worried and i told the people who were having party soon and gettig ready about the guy. We got in van and pickdd up daddy for his lunch break.
After lunch i went to local consignemet shop, dropped books off and talked and let the kids play in play area she has designed. After an hr there i told boys lets go. They walked behind me and i noticed logan had a toy 4wheeler with tag on and i didnt buy it. I took it off logans hand and gave it back to owner and said my son tried to steal it. I told logan its naughty but he dont seem to care and learned anything. So i think i want to talk to our local cop and have him talk with logan about stealing, and sitting nice in cars.

    Ladies he know what he did. As soon as i caught him he had a guilty look on his face. When i asked him why he took the toy he said cuz he wanted it and i told him he couldnt have it
    So he took it.
    I did make him give it back and i apolgized. This was his first time but i think a talk with our cop will help me
    As he does other things that is dangrous and he has almost got hit twice and we constantly tell him its dangerous or he cold get stolen from us. He says so.
    These other things are running away, and deciding to sit in middle of road when mad, and not sitting nice.
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