Virtual family

I have cousins that live on the East Coast that I have never met before. Before I was born, my father accepted a job in Arizona so my family moved away from the rest of my moms family. I've met my Aunt and Uncle once, but that was all.

I have 2 female cousins. One is in Pennsylvania, one is in New Jersey. We found each other on facebook years ago and it's so funny how we click so well. Even though they are way older than me, we have a lot of the same mannerisms, sense of humor, it's very interesting since we've never met.

I kept saying I was going to save up and visit one day. Then I got a divorce. So I started saving again, then I moved for my job. Then again, and I got pregnant. So now I'd like to start saving again. It would be so much fun to me, I would love to see the East Coast. Montana is as far East as I've ever been!

Do you have any family that you've only talked to online?

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