walking in the parking lot

when i am going to and from a store i always walk with my children on the side next to the parked cars so that they will not get hit by a passing car. today we walked behind a van (no back up lights showing) and this woman started backing up. i pushed my daughter out of the way and started yelling at the driver. the woman had the nerve to get out of the car and tell me that it was my fault that i should have just known that she was about to back up. she said several words that i haven't even heard my navy husband use (in front of my daughter) and was threatening to hit me. when i started to call the cops she jumped in her car and took off. what is the world coming to these days? we are all ok, just a little shaken up. my daughter only asked if she thought it would be a good idea to start bringing our 250 lb Dane with us so that people might leave us alone. im seriously considering it.

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