"Shower" what age do you stop taking one with little boys?

I now know I should have stopped before now taking showers with Cory. Last night he is in the potty in the master bath and I am in the shower. I finished before him and he asked "mommy can I see your naked" right then I felt really bad and dirty. I told him that from now on he will only take a bath by himself. Because he's a big boy now and bath time is private. He was okay with that for now but, I am sure he will have a lot of questions later. What do you ladies think that a good time to stop would be?

4Ronna JonesFort Worth, Texas
4Ronna Jones
Thanks Melissa you made me feel much better about this! Cory preferred baths until we moved into our new house and the master shower has a huge rain shower head on the ceiling and a regular one on the wall.
4Ronna Jones
Melissa, yes it is very nice! The house is our dream home and we hate leaving but all the family and friends are 500 or more miles away from us.
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