Baby shampoo for adults?

I think the only way that baby shampoo would work for an adult would be if they had very fine hair. I have thick hair with a crazy texture and get scalp build up easily if I don't use a cleansing shampoo. Mild baby shampoo just would not work for me.

Anyone use baby shampoo on the regular for their own hair?

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    I use it on myself mostly because I love the smell of the lavender johnsons shampoo. I have thick hair and it makes my hair feel really soft. I just use regular conditioner. If you are worried about buildup a good way to "deep clean" your hair is to mix a table spoon of baking soda in with your shampoo as you go to apply it. I have to use a lot of products to make my hair look half decent. It is curly/wavy/flat. It isn't consistently curly or wavy all over. All that buildup makes your hair gross and dull. Using the baking soda helps strip all of that out and also brings the natural shine back to your hair. I keep a smaller tupperware container of baking soda in my shower so I can do this and it doesn't get wet. Its also convenient for when I want to dip my tooth brush in before I put tooth paste on it to get that extra boost when brushing my teeth. It really does make a difference. But I some times wonder if baby shampoo would be much better for our hair than regular shampoo. I feel like it has less harsh chemicals in it. And do they make baby conditioner.
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