School hours for teens

Teenagers tend to have a biological clock inside where they stay up later . It's been proven that their physiology makes them adapt this way. Most high schools start early in the morning which makes it difficult for teens to get 8 or more hours of sleep on week days.

Knowing this, should high schools have later hours to account for the sleep cycles of teens? Or should teenagers suck it up and do whatever they can to get to sleep earlier?

    9Michelle Fritch
    I remember when I was going to school and had to start at 7:40am, I always thought it was too early, you had to be up at about 6am and when I was a teen I hated that, now that I'm an adult and a mom I'm automatic at waking up at 5:30am for some reason, I'm a morning person now and never was as a teen.

    I think they should start later though, teens have a lot of energy and letting them sleep a little later wouldn't hurt.
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