Wildstar Mommas

Any other Mommas here that play WildStar? I only just started, but it's really fun, and the character housing is absolutely insane in what you can build.

I know someone else asked about World of Warcraft, but I've left that game behind lol...it doesn't hold a candle to this one, in my opinion. Or are there any other gamer Mommas here in general? I know a lot of mothers who just don't like online games at all, and that makes me sad.

Wildstar Mommas
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    There are two sides to the story. There are the Exiles (that I'm part of) who were run off of their home worlds by the Dominion Empire (the other side). The Exiles found a new planet that they're trying to settle and make their new home, but the Dominion found them and now are trying to conquer that planet. It's set in a technologically advanced -way, way, WAY advanced- time, and there are many different races (my character above is just one of them). As an Exile, you're trying to settle the planet and carve out your own home, while trying to defend it from the Dominion. The Dominion is, obviously, trying to take over the planet. There are different playable classes, who use different magics or technology or weapons and skills. At a certain point you are given your own little plot of land to build your own personal home on. People use these as places to hang out with their friends/guild mates, to be a gigantic crafting center for their various professions, as taverns, as complex obstacle courses, etc. You also choose whether you're a Settler, an Explorer, a Scientist, or a Soldier. It's really a struggle over who will win over the planet from each other, but the planet has it's own past and troubles, too.

    It's also hilarious. The NPCs are really funny in their dialogue, though there are tons of serious situations. I'm not sure how the Dominion side goes yet, since I'm Exile, but the races of the Exiles have a lot of differences between them in history, personality, culture, and it's interesting to see them clash and cooperate.

    (This is their website) http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/

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