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I haven't really been posting much about what's happening in my personal life lately, so I thought I'd catch y'all up today. A LOT has happened in the last couple of weeks. Firstly, about two weeks ago, we had a little accident that involved a pickle jar, a naughty 2-year-old, and a trip to the ER. Violet pulled a glass jar of pickle jar off of the kitchen counter (it was just close enough to the edge for her to pull it towards her with her finger tips) and it shattered on the floor. She then slipped in the juice and fell onto the glass. Luckily, she didn't have any injury to her head or torso, but she did slice up her foot really good. We took her to the ER and (after being there forever) they decided that she didn't need stitches, so they just glued and taped it and wrapped it up. It's doing much better now, and Violet is running around like nothing ever happened. Except now one of her favorite things to say is, "A pickle fall down!".

A couple of days after this event, we cut all of Violet's hair off! AAAHHH!!! Lol, well not all of it. It's a cute little bob now. Pics included (also of her foot injury).

We've also been apartment hunting for a while now. We've decided that Mason's younger sister, Madison (18), will be renting with us (to help us with costs and to help her get out of her parent's house and into the adult world). Last week we found an apartment that we immediately fell in love with and have paid the application fees and deposit on. We've set our move-in date for the 18th and are very, very excited!! Our new apartment is currently being re-carpeted and will have all-new appliances and a new vanity in the bathroom! Woohoo!

On the 26th my little brother, Skylar (20), messaged me on Facebook in the middle of the night, telling me about how miserable his life is and that he was going to shoot himself (he hunts, so it wouldn't surprise me that he had a gun available to him). He listed off things that were depressing him, like that he felt like nobody cared about him, how he was lonely, how he didn't have any family around (which is only semi-true, as our brother lives in the next town over), he doesn't have a job or a home and he's staying on friend's couches... Things that I have dealt with all to recently, and said that he was tired of it all and wanted to end his life. I stayed up till about 2 in the morning with him, trying to talk him down, and making phone calls, trying to get a hold of my older brother who didn't live far from Skylar or my parents or SOMEBODY. He wouldn't tell me where he was, only that he was at a friend's house. So I called the police department in his town and explained the situation to them and they said they'd find him. Not 10 minutes later, Skylar messages me, "Lyssa, why is there a sheriff coming to talk to me?" and "How did you know where I was?". Then my dad finally called me back and I explained everything to him and now Skylar is living with our parents in Kansas City and seems to be doing much better.

Our 4th Of July plans have suddenly changed. We were planning on going to stay with Mason's family at his aunt's lake-side house like we did last year, but on Friday his parents suddenly decided that they were going this weekend instead. Well, Mason and I were already scheduled to work this weekend, so we couldn't go. It's really sucky that we got left behind, but not surprising at all, as his mom is known to make last-minute decisions like this, and may be using this as a pay-back for "taking Madison away from her". She's not a very mature person.

So that's everything that's been going on lately. Also coming up is the Munoz Family Reunion, and I'm VERY excited about it! It has been a very, very long time since all of my siblings were in the same room together, much less the same state! I'll even get to meet my youngest nephew, Ranon, who is already over a year old! I can't wait :)

(Violet's foot bandaged, The minor cuts, The biggest cut, Violet before haircut, Violet's new hairdo!)

Just Some UpdatesJust Some UpdatesJust Some UpdatesJust Some UpdatesJust Some Updates
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    Nope. I'll be working that Saturday now, but still no real plans. We'll probably just watch fireworks somewhere.
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