Normal feeligs and or jealousy

So my husbands best friend who lived in fl is been talking to him a lot more. And i am fine with that but i think he is taking up my husbands time.
Like yesterday we went to park but my husband asked what time he thought we would go home. I told him i didnt know and why. He said cuz his friend wants to play gta online(grand theft auto). I said ok well we can go now if u want.
Now today just a little while ago my husband asked when he thinks we will be done with dinner. I told him i got it all started but we wont eat aleast for another half hr. So i told him about a half hr to an hr and why. Again cuz his friend wants to play gta again when they already played once together.
Plus its been bothering me that my husbands friend who he went to see back in may wants him to visit again. He has been asking my husband when he will come visit. I told my husband we have no money but maybe in feb or when we get our taxes back we can go visit as a family as after all his friend is vincents godfather. But when i say it he ignores or changes subject

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