Time to exhale.

Wow what a weekend. This past week has been very trying for me and Ed. Lots of family drama that I won't get into here. Ed is a very sensitive soul. I try to keep my troubles to myself but he feels it when it's radiating around me. I think that's why he's been like a best friend to me. Well, I guess he really is my best friend.

Friday was the worst. He worked for 14 hours on top of everything that was going on. So instead of going to work on the rental we bought a few beers and hung out at home.

Saturday had to work for a few hours so I tried to mow the front field. Ran out of gas, boo. Snake ran (ran?) out in front of me. BOO. Then Charlie decided he didn't like his Snugli anymore.. d'ohhhhh.

Then my allergies. Oh good lord. I don't know what's in that front field. I took 2 allergy pills because I knew I'd be outside. I have no idea what the heck happened but both eyes were purple/red and my left one looked like I dropped a big blob of vaseline on it. So needless to say I stayed indoors for the rest of the day.

Later on there was a drive in movie. I love drive in movies so much! So we loaded up the truck and headed out there. Charlie slept through the whole thing, me and Ed were snuggled up in the back of the truck and Lexi was snuggled up keeping our feet warm. It was so needed. But since my eye was gross I took some Benedryl and I slept through the entire movie.. lol.. grr.

Today we went to church. He went to church with me! Weird.. but wonderful. Then to a birthday party for a dear friend, then some shopping *bought some marigolds to keep the mosquitos away*... got home in time to put some plants into pots, laundry, clean up, change a diaper and here I am.

WHEW. Happy Sunday mamas :)

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