SPD (Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction) in pregnancy: symptoms and treatment

This was by far the worst thing about my pregnancy. It started around week 26-ish. I would stand up from sitting and have a rough time standing fully upright. When I would take steps my pelvic area would ache. As time went on it got really bad. I couldn't get up from any position without help. Standing on one leg (to put on pants, for example) would bring me to tears. By week 30-ish I could barely walk. I had to, so I did, but I would limit my activities. It's a perfectly normal thing but it's awful. It's when your ligaments in your pelvic region start to soften up in preparation for child birth.

Imagine for a moment how much of your body weight hinges on your pelvis, then imagine the rubber bands that hold that area together getting soft and loosening. Yep.. that's exactly what it feels like.

I talked to a few moms who had some good tips but the only thing that really worked (temporarily) for me was a hot rice pack between my legs. Other things that will lessen the pain are:

Get up and down using both legs. When getting out of bed, swing both legs off the side instead of just one at a time.
Put clothes on by sitting down and sliding both legs in at once.

Hot rice packs or water bottles are a godsend!

The birth ball also worked for me because it took a lot of the weight and pressure off. I would sit on that instead of the couch or a hard chair.

Luckily, once your child is born and your hormones go back to normal, SPD goes away. I was back to normal within a few days.

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