Why do teenagers...

I don't get this. Well I do, but it is driving me a little crazy.

So Mini and her boyfriend were in the car talking about going to college. They mentioned going to Florida for school and I was like WHY...

Out of state tuition isn't cheap. You'd have to work. Just... why?

I know they are in a hurry to grow up, I get that. But come on kids. Florida? Away from me? (saddest face ever)

    lol awww mama!

    Hmm.. yeah definitely time to bust out the brochures and show them some real time numbers.

    What scares me the most about this time of situation is that kids want to be grown up so fast that they would end up choosing working for minimum wage over school because they didn't know how much life really costs.. then they drop out of school and argh...

    Hope you can show them some numbers and they decide to stick closer to home.
    Y'know.. On the Cosby Show once (hear me out).. Dad was trying to explain how much life costs to his kid. He sat down with him and took out the amount of money the kid would make in an average paycheck. Then went down the list of expenses, taking away that much money for each item.

    I know that might sound silly but I know I'll end up doing it with Charlie some day.

    The end of that segment was funny. The kid was all happy that he had $50 left at the end of the month. And Bill was like "Are you going to have a girlfriend?" And the kid said yes, and Bill took away the last $50. hahahah
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