Children from your first marriage. Step children with your second marriage. The Brady bunch? Mine is not!

My first husband I married was my high school sweet heart. We had a wonderful courtship that lasted 6 yrs and bought a house, and got married. Children came a year later. Unfortunately it ended extremely bad 15 years ago and its like a nightmare that won't go away. I have two sons Joseph 21 and Tyler 15. We don't talk or see each other and that is all I want to say about that.

My second marriage is my little house on the prairie tale. We have been together for 9 years, married for 5. It ends with only us. The nightmare begins with his daughters and ex. My second husband has two daughter's Samantha 20 who has a 5 yr old daughter Avy. And Hailleigh his youngest daughter who is 15. Tom is a grandfather. AAAH Bliss, no I have had at war between my kids, my ex, his kids and his ex. I have battled my ex for 15 years, his for 9 years and it continues today. We pray we fight, we cry, we pray. It's been a horrible tragic story I wish I could write about. This weekend is another attempt to mend the bridges with his daughters. Hailleigh the youngest is the only one who came out from colorado and so far so good as you can see from our selfie. I hope and pray we can finally be civil and be a family. I hope and pray my sons will understand that when they are away from there dad and step mom, that I am here and we will talk about the past and hope that we can get passed the pain and live our lives in peace. ... Share your second marriage if you have any advice for me I would love to hear how you got passed your war with the exs and step kids.

    This is my 2nd relationship, and Erik and I have agreed to get married when the timing is better. Prayers and hugs to you, mama. Sounds like a hard road but one that I hope has a happy ending. Both Erik and I have ex spouses, and we're fortunate that we are all friendly with each other. Granted, all that my ex husband and I have together is a dog. Erik and his ex wife have 2 teenie boppers together.
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