Garden Helpers

I never was around gardens growing up unless you count my moms small flower garden in front of the house or trailer with one or two plants of cucumbers. I grew up eating them like they were chips. My husband and I have a decent garden this year. Cucumbers, squash, zucchini, peppers, bell peppers, watermelon, potatoes, and more. I was worried if the kids getting too close to the road while I picking the garden. So we got a puppy to hopefully entertain the children. Sure enough, he has been perfect! He won't even let them in the side yard where he leaves his prizes.

The past two days I have went and picked cucumbers and okra Smoky (dog) went out with me and carried my veggies to a bowl. Now he is helping me get the weeds out of the garden! I am overwhelmed at how much love is coming out of this one fur legged puppy.

Any more tips for youngsters in a garden or outside?

Garden Helpers
Danielle KeltnerColumbia, Kentucky
    Danielle Keltner
    Don't worry, six years ago I said I would never get near a garden or farm. Now I want one with a huge studio! :) still transitioning.
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