The Drop Off..

Oh man.. Mamas.. this "article" is also a VIDEO! :)

It's a good one.. it's the very handsome actor Rob Lowe, chatting about his most devastating moment as a parent.. dropping that very first sweet child off at college.. be still my heart. Obviously I have yet to go through this with my OWN child.. but I can recall like yesterday what the moment felt like when my parents (and me) said goodbye to my own brother at college and then a few years later.. me saying goodbye to them. Whoa.. is is a moment or WHAT.. it's so hard to explain.. it's this excited, proud and happy feeling all at once.. but consumed by sadness, fear and already missing someone that you are in the midst of hugging.. it's crazy and beautiful all at once..

Can any Mamas relate to when they did this?

Do any current Mamas of wee ones dread this day?…

    Melissa Middleton
    My mom cried when I did and I was 25 and it was only an 45 minutes away. Lol
    I know I will cry when the time arrives but I will be supportive and happy for them. I just hope it's somewhere close by--wherever they choose to go.
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