Are you for real?

Tristens new "thing" peeing on me when he gets mad. Tonight he was mad that it's bed time...I take his diaper off and he peed all over me! That makes twice now he's done that! I was so mad. I know he can hold it and knows when he needs to pee, he totally did it on purpose...Ughness!

    I was mad! He got pee all over my pants and the carpet. He's almost a year and a half. Totally old enough to know better.
    Well I wiped his whole body down with a baby wipe...which he HATES! Lol that way he knows when he pees on me he's getting wiped with a freezing cold wipe! Lol beyond that it's kind of like what do you do when they pee on you? I was kinda at a loss.
      This Mom was not pleased to say the least.
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